Free Guide To Reviewing Your Own Pension

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Do You Want Someone Else To Do The Hard Work For Free?

The Free Pension Analysis for Existing Pensions is an easy way for you to answer all of these questions for Free.

We provide this valuable analysis and report at no cost.  We do this as some of you will decide to use our paid for services, not all, but enough that we can allocate time to providing this service to people for FREE.  There is never any pressure or obligation, just honest, independent analysis.

The aims of the report are to put you in a completely informed position so that you understand your pension, you understand what is the best option with your pension arrangements and how to get the maximum value out of them to improve your retirement benefits.

Our fully qualified independent pensions advisers will help you by answering:


  Should you roll your existing pensions into one pension?  Or keep them separate?
  Are you paying too much in charges for your pension?
  What will your pensions give you in retirement?
  How can you get the maximum value from your pension?
  Is your pension too risky and is it under performing?  If so what can you do about that?

How Does It Work?

Firstly we will give you a quick call to take down the relevant information about your pensions.  We will then do all the hard work for you by gathering the detailed information about your pension directly from your pension provider (with your express consent).  With this information we will then be able to analyse your pension and also compare them against each other and against new pensions to clearly identify what your pensions are doing for you, what the costs are and if you should keep your pensions as they are or move them.

We will then provide you with a report written in plain English to help clear away all the smoke and mirrors of your pensions so that you can see with crystal clarity what is the best thing for you.

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