Income Protection For Vets

Income Protection protects your income in the event that you cannot work due to an illness or injury.  It will continue to cover you during your time off of work until you either return to work, reach a prearranged retirement age (eg 65) or you die.

This ensures that you can concentrate on getting better with your bills still being paid without the need of finding other work.

Important considerations

There are different types of income protection cover and some of the important terms to understand are:

Own Occupation - This means that the cover is based on you being unable to do your specific job and in the event you need to claim on the policy the requirement is usually to be signed off of work by your doctor.

Any Occupation - This means that the cover is based on you not being unable to do any type of work at all.  In the event of a claim on the policy the requirement is usually a series of tests from the insurance company to assess if you are fit to work.

Own occupation is a better definition and it is important to ensure that points like this are included on your policy.

It is important to receive independent advice on income protection to ensure that you have the right type of cover at the lowest possible price.

Looking For An Income Protection Policy

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If you have an Existing Income protection policy or are looking to take one out then download our 6 Point Check List For Income Protection.

This is Our Essential Check List for Income Protection policies to ensure that the cover you have is right and at the lowest price possible.

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