Drawdown vs Annuities


Choosing the right retirement option for you is vitally important as with some of the options once started you cannot change or move out of it.

There are many options in retirement such as fixed term annuities, income drawdown, lifetime annuities, unit linked annuities, etc.  This Free Report focuses on the main two options (income drawdown and lifetime annuities) and using your specific set of circumstances will compare the two options to highlight the main important differences between them.

The report will show you:

The difference in death benefits (and the costs to have them)
The difference in the level of income you can have with each option
The rates of growth required through drawdown to provide the income
The costs of each option and how that impacts you

This report will help you to understand the distinct differences between the two options and help you to decide which is the right option for you.

To get this Free report simply fill in your details below.  We will then get in contact with you to take down the important information for us to construct the report and ensure that the report is specific to your circumstances

"You don't bully me into certain policies. You give me all the information for me to make an informed decision but guide me to make the right decision." -- Miss H Ryan, Norwich

"You didnt rush into any decisions, you got an overall picture of our financial profile and advised us on what suited our needs." -- Mr D Richards, Ilfracombe

Drawdown vs Annuities Report