Client Feedback

 "It helps us to make better decisions meeting people like yourself.  You talk to us, not down to us and if we don't understand you are happy to explain it again." -- Alan Masterton

 "You are good at explaining terms and policies at a level I can understand." -- Amelia Head

 "You are very good at highlighting the obvious advantages for us that we miss and developing them into actions that benefit us." -- Maximillion Waller

 "You have made the whole process painless.  Explaining things in straight forward plain English, I really appreciate your regular updates and for doing all the searching for me, not giving me a leaflet to read and telling me to get on with it or burying me under a mound of paperwork." -- Darron Ovenden

 "You are very attentive to detail and integrity.  You are willing to go that extra mile and you stand out from the crowd." -- John McCarthy

 "I felt it was friendly, professional, approachable, knowledgeable, honest and you looked after our best interests." -- Nick Stratton

 "It was honest and transparent with sound advice given." -- Linda Thorne

 "It was a personal and friendly service and you fitted in with our schedule and working hours." -- Louise Silk

 "You make what appears at first to be complicated so that it is easier to understand." -- Claire Zentveld

 "You are very approachable and give me honest advice in a non pushy way.  You are prepared to go that extra mile." -- Sukina Moosajee

 "You take the time to help even the 'smaller clients'." -- Julia Shrubb

 "You don't bully me into certain policies.  You give me all the information for me to make an informed decision but guide me to make the right decision." -- Heather Ryan

 "You didnt rush into any decisions, you got an overall picture of our financial profile and advised us on what suited our needs." -- David Richards

 "You are Approachable, Honest and Impartial." -- Michael Steeden

 "It has saved me money!." -- Matthew Clover

 "You are very down to earth.  you make things easy to understand.  You recognise our needs and provided us with want we needed." -- Caroline Leach

 "You have a very personal service, you are very approachable, patient and explanations are thorough." -- John Remnant

"You are friendly and approachable to discuss options with and always willing to answer questions." -- Rob Pillar