Advice For Vets

Due to the complexities and risks for veterinary surgeons they do sometimes call for specialist financial advice.

The two key areas of specialist advice that are commonly required are Income Protection and Pensions.

Income Protection

Dealing with unpredictable animals can be dangerous at times and with most practices only providing around 4-6 weeks sick pay, your income can be at risk without further cover.

Most vets decide to take out income protection as a protections against the time and effort of training to be a vet and therefore protecting the income they get for that time and effort.

Due to the risks, this is a specialist field with specific companies covering vets.  You should therefore ensure that you receive independent advice to not only be covered properly, but also get the lowest cost on the market.


Traditionally most practices have not offered a pension.  This is changing over time with the introduction of the government introduced 'Works Auto Enrolment Pension', however these are usually only small contributions with your employer matching your contribution to a certain level.  For contributions above this level you should receive independent advice as to whether you are better to contribute more to the company scheme, or in fact there are better options for you paying the additional contributions into a private scheme.  

Income Protection For Vets

Pensions For Vets