The 5 Signs That You Need to Review Your Life Assurance

We live in worrying times and no one knows what is around the corner  If the worst was to happen you want to ensure that your family are safe and would be financially secure. 

If you die then this effects them financially as they no longer have your wage coming into the household.

As your life changes so does your need for life assurance.  Here are the 5 signs that you would need to review your life assurance:

You Have Moved Home

When you move house it is normally to a larger property.  This will mean you have a larger mortgage or higher rent payments.  Your existing cover may not be enough to clear the mortgage or cover the rent.

You Have Had More Children

With each bundle of joy, comes the financial responsibility to support them.  

Your Relationship Status Has Changed

Either entering into a new relationship or ending one, your families financial needs on your death will change.

You Have Increased Your Debts

More debt, means more responsibility for your family on your death.

You Only Have Cover For The Mortgage

Even if you have cover for the mortgage.  Your family would still have bills to pay without your wage coming in.

What Do I Do?

If you can say yes to one or more of the above it is time to review your life assurance to ensure that your family are protected properly.

To check your current cover, use our Free Life Assurance Review Service

We will check your current circumstances against your current cover to give you the piece of mind that your family would be financially stable and secure if the worst was to happen to you.

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